Sesame Street now in Afghanistan

Kabul: US “Sesame Street” the children’s favorite television series came to Afghanistan, by introducing a new series with some new characters like Big Bird and Elmo.

Baghch-e-Simsim made its first appearance on a local television channel with the objective to increase the education of the children from the desperately warring and poor country.

It’s early scamper is of half hour 26 episodes following the usual Sesame Street mix of short educational films and Jim Henson’ Muppets. Sesame street format has not been exported for the first time.

In the start of this year its version also came to Pakistan supported by international Aid agency “USAID” of the international government. Its co-productions have also displayed in Egypt, Russia, Bangladesh and Mexico.

The newest version is produced by the co production of Sesame Workshop the nonprofit group at the back the Sesame Street and Afghan television station Tolo.

The US ambassador to Kabul “Ryan Crocker” said that the Teachers of Afghanistan will find the Sesame Street will help the children to start education. The most important thing about this series it will also demonstrate children to the world around them.

Mohammad Siddiq Patman, Deputy Education minister of Afghanistan said that he is hoping that this program would show the culture, tradition and other features of Afghan urban and rural life and would found it beneficial for the children.