Shark transported to Islamabad

The 40-foot-long dead shark that was found at Karachi shore has been transported to Islamabad on Friday. The dead shark will now make its space in the Pakistan Museum of Natural History.

The shark has been termed as the national heritage, according to the Pakistan Science Foundation. It will be kept in museum under good supervision and will be preserved there.

While on the other hand, Karachi Fish Harbor Authority told that the shark is no one’s property but the government. Hajji Qasim won auction for the dead shark at Karachi for Rs 200,000. Officials of the Pakistan Museum of Natural History have claimed that Haji Qasim will be compensated with the amount while they will keep the asset.

Shaukat Hussain, the director general for the Marine Fisheries department (MFD) has briefed about the shark saying that it is 40.1 foot long and weighed 15 tons. He also corrected the past record saying that it is the second largest fish ever found in Pakistan. A similar shark but 41.5 foot long was found dead at Karachi’s shore in 1947.