Stage Drama Culture

With the passage of time everything got development in this world. All over the world showbiz is making more and more money. But when we put a glance on Pakistan showbiz business it seems very dark. In the past theatre were the places considered for fun where families sometimes and enjoy light talking and funny talks. But within the passage of time standard of theatre in Pakistani showbiz start falling. Theatres were no more for the families. The environment there totally changes because of stage vulgar dances. Theatres were become place of fighting or some illegal places. Then government applies some limitation on the theatre dialogue delivering and dancing. Most of the time police arrest such theatre actors and actresses due to violence of law. In this time theatre lovers start losing hope in theatres. But then after some sudden time government soften the policies and also theatre performers also promise that those would not cross any more limits. Nowadays it is getting back into business but still people afraid of going to theatres.

In my opinion theatre is not a bad thing but there performers uses it in bad manner that’s why it is losing reputation. Many of the great theatre performers died so there was no one left who can put a quality control on theatres. Theatre performers should respect their profession and should do their past work as they make many people laugh. Many of them are financially weak that’s why in such condition they have to do wrong deeds due to which they get bad reputation.