Steven Spielberg is unstoppable

Steven Spielberg the multi-talented American citizen having great abilities as a director, producer, screenwriter, and even video game designer. Working since more than four decades, Steven has now dedicated all his life to the Hollywood film industry. He recently unveiled that his inspiration is none other than Clint Eastwood who is also the fellow artist. Clint Eastwood is still working admirably at the age of 81.

In a recent interview, Steven claimed no plans to quit his professional career and he does not see this happening in near future too. He also disclosed the discussion between him and Eastwood on the topic of retirement which concluded on the note that Steven will work until the last breath and drop of blood.

“I have no plans to quit. Clint Eastwood is one of my best friends, and we have an almost jokey relationship about retirement. Clint’s 81 now, and I always say ‘Clint, are you ready to retire?’ he says ‘No, are you?’ I say ‘No’.

I’ve been waiting for the phone call that says Clint is hanging up his spurs. If it doesn’t happen for Clint, it’s not going to happen for me,” he was quoted as saying in an interview.

“I was about to go to London to see the play for the first time. It made me cry and I loved it so much. My daughter said, ‘You have to make War Horse, you have to make it for me’. So I did,” he concluded.