Strings deserve all praise for working music business model

Strings are internationally acclaimed pop rock band comprising two singers from Karachi, named as faisal kapadia who is son of famous actor Late “ Lateef kapadia” ,and Bilal maqsood the son of very famous writer and director of Pakistani television “Anwar maqsood”.The band was initially formed by college students at the government commerce college in Karachi with influence from maqsoods father .Rafiq wazir as a synthesizer  and Kareem Bashir as a bass guitars worked with them, Bilal maqsood performed as the guitarist and vocalist and Faisal Kapadia performed as a lead vocalist in first two albums. The initial quartet (1988-1992).after that Bilal joined an Art school and Faisal went to TEXAS, to continue his business studies.

But bilal and faisal made comeback in 2000,by releasing a third album “duur” which found renewed success and popularity for them. They sang several hit songs for Indian movies also. Hence the string band is a highly energy 4 piece blue grass band celebrating  15 years as a group this session .

This Pakistani Pop band strings has now officially become a brand ambassador of Gillette Razors, which is brand of multinational company Procter and gamble. Both vocalist bilal and faisal has attended a press conference recently, and announced this news to media. Earlier this band has also become a brand ambassador of Levi’s clothing and Emirates airline, they launch by the concert in Lahore at AL HAMRA open Air Theater has become the new faces of Gillette Mach 3 sensitive along doing number of live concerts.

Strings deserve all praise for working music business model…Best of luck strings!