Strings the Band


There are many bands in Pakistan, but they dissolve with passage of time. But only few of them survive among them string is one of the band which very popular among the people of Pakistan. Especially among young generation string has become a listening habit in Pakistan. Strings plays as one of the aficionado, which attracts the young generation. The lyrics of anwar maqsood  and  the signature style that never veered, when string introduce in Pakistan it was not so much popular , but when the sing the sar kiye ye pahar it was become famous after that they sing more popular numbers which make the string number one band, fasial and bilal are voyeurs. They both most chilled out guys in the music industry they had made their own world in which they produce master piece.


They got opportunity to sing with ustad hussian buksh gullu in the coke studio and they create a melody. We have such a brilliant talent in our country but we never appreciated them on government level, it is a tragedy for our music industry that musician move ahead but industry doesn’t move with them. That why lost is talent, but our neighboring give boost to our talent they flourish there. Although strings got offers from neighbor but they prefer to stay in Pakistan. So have to introduce their talent among the people of Pakistan.