Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo

Sydney has been decorated once again for the annual fourth tattoo & body art. The event is of international standards that had invited many artists across world. Opening ceremony of the fourth annual Sydney tattoo and body art expo will be kicked off tonight. More than 300 natives’ artists have also registered themselves to participate.

Different styles of tattoos will be displayed in the event including even from head to toe. Couple of artists also has commented about their artworks to be displayed in the event. A group of duo friends is also participating in the event to exhibit “Wicked Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing”.

A Tattoo technician and artists, Ms. Booth said

“Sometimes it’s a tribute and means something special, sometimes it’s to identify with other people. A lot of people treat it as fashion these days.”

“It upsets me sometimes, but then sometimes you get inspiring reactions. It’s nice when 80-year-old women say they wish they’d had that done.” She added.