The Fantasy of Tintin

TINTIN is a comic character, which has complied in the 3D movie. This movie is director by Steven Spielberg.  Actually the adventure of TINTIN is created by Belgian artist. This comic is very much famous among the young generation, that why this movies is adapted in many languages. So now Spielberg has combined three comics in the movies. Purpose of making the adventure of TINTIN is to bringing people out of the cinema and takes them in the world of adventures. This story is about boy who is a journalist and writes advents.


Story revolves around the ship is which is bought by the canine snowy. Ivan Ivanovitch Saccharine wants that ship and TINTIN refuse to give the ship and the mystery of the ship capture the audience till last moment. the movie is in the comic series style and the choice of using animation instead of live character to accentuates the thrill of fast paced flick and gives the filmmakers and audience to full freedom to enjoy the delve deeply the adventure of TINTIN. The adventure continues for the snowy, Capt., haddock, Thomson, and you.