The ‘Humsafar’ fever

Log in to social networking websites on a Saturday evening and you can’t help but notice Twitter, Face book and YouTube flooded with comments about ‘Humsafar’. The drama serial on HUM TV has more than 135,000 Face book fans and it is topping the charts everywhere. Fawad Khan and his character of Asher are perhaps the most popular topics for young girls on a Saturday night.

Hums afar”, the latest craze to tooe over everyone’s Saturday evenings. Humsafar airs on Hum Tv on every Saturday at 8:00 pm. It’s the direction of Sarmad Sultan Khosat and is  based on a novel (Humsafar) of the same name written byFarhat Ishtiaq. The main casts include Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Naveen Waqar. Its based on a love trilogy. The reason behind the success this drama is suburb direction and acting. Also the story line and novel depiction received much acclaim.  The soundtrack of the drama Humsafar sung by the upcoming singer Quratulain Baloch also became very famous.

The fever rose so bad that a week before the last week, an old episode of drama was repeated due to some technical problem. This brought immense reaction from the audiences in form of anger. Ultimately the channel had to apologies for the repetition and promised to the fans that such incident won’t happen in future.

Now the serial is moving towards its last episodes, we wish to see such perfection of direction, acting and production in future as well. Way to go Humsafar!