“The Hunger Games” still in news

“The Hunger Games” looks in no mood to fall down from the U.S film chart box. The movie is still ruling all the film charts. Even the discussion of movie has ranged to social networking sites now. It is being said that movie has done business around $375 million dollar.

The movie critics raised the opinion that increasing fan following of “Hunger Games” has now really started to harass the Hollywood. It’s been bad luck to the movies that were released within the same time of Hunger Games as audience had paid no attention other than this movie. The movie is said to be the mega blockbuster of year 2012.


Themeline of the move is really an eye-catching story. The fans really raised their eyebrows while watching it. The survival of kids fighting to death made a long-lasting impression across the world. Facebook and Twitter are the most discussed platform for “The Hunger Games” so far.