“The Hunger Games” village to be auctioned

It is being reported that the American Village that was used to represent District 12 for the top most movie of Hollywood “The Hunger Games” has been put on auction. The most ghosted areas of the village that include abandoned textile, coal-mining area, and Henry River Mill since 1920s have now become the most expensive zones in North Carolina.

It is being expected by the auction company that more or less the village will be sold out around $1.2 million till July, 2012. In the film, District 12 was used as the shelter homes for Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne. The village has a total area of 72 acres including 22 buildings, woodlands, hills and pond.

“It’s a really unique opportunity to take people behind the scenes of the film and book. When Lionsgate came to film, they didn’t have to change a thing, the buildings are identical and it’s really eerie when you’re there, standing in Katniss’ house,” auctioneer Joe Maddalena told.”