The Living Legend Mehdi Hassan


Mehdi Hassan was in the Indian city Rajasthan on 18 July 1927 in a village call Luna. After migratation to Pakistan after the independence. He learns music from his father and uncle. They were both dhrupad in singing. The life of Mehdi Hassan was full of trails and tribulation. After coming to Pakistan he worked in the bicycle work shop, than he becomes the mechanic of heavy vehicles’. Despite of all the hard ships he never gives up the passion of music. He does his practice on daily basis. In his struggle period he got opportunity to sing in radio Pakistan in 1957. He is thumri singer, later this ability give him recognition with in the musical fraternity. He also had the passion of Urdu poetry and began to experiment by singing ghazals as a part-time. In 1957 there are many famous ghazal singers among them medhi Hassan build his name.