The Lord of the Rings

“The Lord of the Rings” is definitely an epic film trilogy composed of three fantasy adventure films in line with the three volume book of the identical title by British author JRR Tolkien. The flicks are “The Fellowship from the Ring” launched in 2001, “The Two Towers” launched in 2002 and “The Return from the King” launched in 2003.

The Lord of the Rings  informs a legendary tale of excellent against evil, the storyline starts at bag finish within the shire, at the house of Frodo Baggins. Frodo is really a Hobbit – a little creature with hairy ft along with a appetite, not normally vulnerable to adventuring. Frodo includes a gold ring provided to him by his Uncle Bilbo, who had “found it” after its loss with a creature known as Gollum. The flicks were directed by healing for peter Jackson. Howard shoreline composed, orchestrated, carried out, and created the trilogy’s music.


The primary cast from the Movies includes:


•           Viggo Mortensen described Aragon

•           Elijah Wood described Frodo Baggins

•           Sean Bean described Boromir

•           Ian McKellen described Gandalf

•           Orlando Blossom described Legolas

•           Sean Astin described Mike


The 3 films together were nominated for a maximum of 30 Oscars, which they won 17, an archive for just about any movie trilogy. The film trilogy also tied an archive with Ben-Hur and Titanic for that final amount of Oscars won for any single movie using the Return from the King receiving eleven Academy awards.


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