The Rio Carnival 2012

Opening of Rio carnival has taken place in Rio de Janeiro. The business graph of Brazil has achieved a rapid rise especially for mask factories due to clowning of designs of gorillas and witches.  Politicians have welcomed the boost in market and marked it as a positive achievement in such circumstances.

“We made some (slain Libyan dictator Moamer) Kadhafi masks but there were not many takers. And it is not an election year here in Brazil,” Said Olga Gibert.

The owner of the  production plant that is being used for clowning of masks , Olga Gibert stated that Condal plant is working at its full-capacity and has produced more the 150,000 masks for “The Great Show” so far.

“So we are making (masks) of King Kong, witches and clowns, which are selling like hotcakes,” she added.

“Entire families or groups of friends want masks for the “blocos,” the free neighborhood parties that precede the parades of sumptuous floats and scantily dressed women at the Sambadrome scheduled for February 19 and 20, Gibert said.

Still the demands of different designs for masks are being received. Rio Carnival had been founded by artist Armando Valles and the average masks production for every Carnival usually stays around 500,000.  After the death of Valles, Gibert was announced as the responsible for the mask factory which will provide the masks for up-coming carnivals.