The Women in Black

The Women in Black is a 1983 horror untruth novel by Susan Construction about a menacing specter that haunts a minute Land municipality, fore shadowing the dying of children.

It was adapted into a travelling wit by Writer Mallatratt. A telecasting wrapper supported on the tale, also called The Women in Black was produced in 1989, with a screenplay by the magisterial medium and video communicator Nigel Kneale (primo noted as the creator of the Quarter mass science-fiction serials). A 2012 take adjustment was released by Pound Film Productions, starring Justice Radcliffe. The stage quantity was prototypal performed at the Stephen Patriarch Theatre-In-The-Round in Scarborough, UK in 1987. It was rattling considerably received and touched to the Circumstances Edifice in London’s Westward End in 1989 where it allay runs today, as play-act in the story of the Westside End, after The Mousetrap.

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