Thomas Saurez-youngest Entrepreneur

Every day we come across so many new innovations made by experts all around the world, but you will be amazed to know that a six grader child naming Thomas Saurez studied in middle school in South Bay of Los Angeles is the youngest iphone apps developer till today. He is just 12 years old but his achievements are more than that.

Thomas is a child fascinated by technologies and the gadgets than toys in his life. In his kindergarten days he used to teach himself high programming languages like Java, Python, C++ and C.

As the Apple released the “Software development Kit” since then he is experimenting with technologies. In late 2010, his first app naming Earth Fortune came on screen in which the color of planet changes with individual’s fortune.

His most successful and famous iphone app was “Justin Bieber”. It is a game in which the player has to hit the Bieber’s head. In a childish giggle he express that this app was made with the thought that his school mates don’t like Justin Bieber.

At the age of 12 Thomas is the owner of a company named as “CarrotCorp” which provide his apps to iphone. He is currently owner of 4 applications in which two apps can be downloaded for free while the other 2 costs $0.99 just.

Thomas is of the view that there are no specified places or school for children’s to learn technology and software, because of his tender age he is often not taken seriously. This is the reason behind his apps club at school where he shares his ideas and knowledge with his friends and teachers. The upcoming plan of the club is to design educational apps for youngster and he aims to deliver it in local schools for free.

New apps of Thomas are on its way keep waiting for little entrepreneur innovations. He dreams to build android apps as well.

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