Those Who Left Us In 2011

Pakistani entertainment industry suffered a enormous shock in the year 2011 when it lost four of its legendary actors who dies in a small period of a month. First who left us was Liaquat Soldier, on March 31. He was a well known actor of stage. He got a major stroke on a morning show on a local tv channel. After him another famous star of stage , died on April 11. He was suffering from Hepatitis C and died in Bahawalpur.  Soon after the death of these two stars, Babu Baral; another very common name of sate, TV nd film industry, died. He left the world at the age of 55 on April 16. He was said to be suffering from Hepatitis and other diseases.

The entertainment industry was already going under the trauma of losing three big names in comedy and stage when another shocking news of legendary comedian, actor and person Moeen Akhtar expiring was heard. He was suffering from heart problem and left his fans on April 22 at the age of 61.

These gaps that these legendry peoply left in the entertainment world can never be filled but they will always be remembered for their work, services and smiles they put on their fans faces.