Titanic’s wreckage auction delayed

It is now confirmed that the bidding arrangements for the recovered ruins from Titanic have been postponed. The report states delay of the auction worth $5,000 wreckage on Tuesday.

The United States court has ordered the auction of only the unprecedented collection of ruins which must be sold as a single lot behind the closed doors.

It has also been stated by the Guernsey’s auctioneers that $189 million price tag will made the sale difficult. In confusion of all these statements, Premier Exhibitions, Inc. has decided to postpone the auction plans on Tuesday. The officials have arranged a quick press conference in which they stated that auction will be soon rescheduled.

“The Company announced today that it is in discussions with multiple parties for the purchase of its Titanic artifacts collection. In order for the Company to settle on the most appropriate bidder and maximize the ultimate value of the artifacts for shareholders, it will conduct these negotiations and due diligence in confidence,” Premier Exhibitions said in a statement.