Tom Cruise Seriously Started Acting

In 1962, Born Thomas Cruise Mapoother IV, among four children he was on number three Having awesome smile and a young handsome actor and became hottest star of the 1980s.A combination of sexuality and boyish charm made him particularly popular with women and macho style equally popular among male audience.

Due to big family and broken home at the age of eleven years of age he had suffered a lot of sorrow in childhood. His mother was a dancer and an actress held the family together for five years but she married again. Tom was a poor student but very much active in supports and participated in high school production and musical concerts.

Tom Cruise seriously started acting and got a small part in Endless Love (1981).Ashis early footage was scrapped and he worked hard to lead success. In 1983 he came up with four films all the right moves, Losin’It, Outsiders and Risky Business. Seemed disappeared he surfaced again in 1986 with fantasy movie Legend strike the bust at box office. The colour of Money (1987) by Paul Newman and cocktail (1988) and got Oscar awards.

His Personal and Romantic life had always been conflicted having so many affairs, separated from star wife Nicole Kidman and finally married and has a daughter and happily married now.