“Traditional Ethics” at Brangelina wedding

Angelina Jolie has come up with a new idea this time. She wants to endeavor new and different ethnic traditions at her wedding. No schedule has yet been revealed about when she will wed Brad Pitt.

The basic theme to try different traditions is to reflect the true colors of ceremonies from different part of world. Specially she wants to focus on the traditions of countries from whom she adopted the children that are Cambodian Maddox, 10, Ethiopian Zahara, 7, and Vietnam-born nine-year-old Pax.

“She wants to incorporate different ethnic wedding traditions from around the world into one alternative ceremony and event,” a celebrity website quoted Angelina Jolie.

While Brad Pitt stated no problems trying different traditions in the wedding as it will be long-lasting memory for the couple.

“They both agree on the essentials, like the fact they want it to be a big celebration with their family and friends. Brad is traditional, whereas Angelina can be alternative. Brad envisioned a traditional ceremony, followed by dinner, speeches and a party,” said the source.