A tremendous tribute had been honored for Josh Maleehabadi at National Josh Literary Conference on Wednesday. His followers still in 2012 appreciated the ink he dipped on paper. Conference was organized in order to promote Josh Maleehabadi idealism, contributions and achievements.

The event was held with collaboration of Josh Adabi Foundation along Josh Memorial Committee with National Language Authority (NLA). The night was staged to mark Maleehabadi’s 30th death anniversary.

Political leaders were also invited to brief about the developments that had once wished by Maleehabadi. Farooq Sattar, MQM Leader attended the event as a chief guest. He also demonstrated upon how to pull out the country from such extreme crisis.

Josh Maleehabadi’s granddaughter also participated in the event and explained the actual thinking of her grandfather. Some emotional moments were also been observed when her eyes got wet while speaking about grandfather. Tabbasum Akhlaq, granddaughter praised Josh’s efforts and told that he since his childhood was leaned towards poetry. She also added that Josh had been always a great admirer of Iqbal.