Tribute to living legend

Tremendous tribute was honored for the hard efforts of living legend Reshma in the field of music. She captivated music listeners by her voice for the first time through Pakistan radio. Her marvelous voice was discovered by a producer who was working at Pakistan Radio that time.

Her legendary songs like Hai O RabbaNahionLagdaDilMera, Sun Charkhe Di MithiMithi Cook, Wey Main ChoriChoriand many others revaluated the music industry in Pakistan. In regard of her hard efforts for the survival of music industry in Pakistan, she had been paid a wonderful tribute at Pakistan National Council of the Arts. A night full of music was dedicated to her namely Sham-i-Tehseen on Wednesday.

People fond of music walked in the auditorium to pay their respect for living legend. The night was full of Punjabi lyrics with tablas, harmonium and flute. First song for the night was “MahiveyLehjaApnay” originally sung by Mehdi Hassan who is also suffering from severe health issuesnowadys. The song was performed by Mehdi Hassan’s student, Muhammad Ali.

People started to hoot and had given the standing ovation to one of the performing singers, Gulshanara from Faislabad who sang “kithaynainnajogi” and “Lambi Judi”. Reshma’s daughter not only attended the show but also performed. She also appealedaudience to pray for her mother’s health and May peace mercy and blessing of Allah be upon her. She sang “laalmeri pat” at the event. One of the ladies after her performance from the audience said

“She sounds just like her mother.”