Tuck seeking new band

Matt Tuck, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for band “Bullter for My Valentine” is now about to unveil future of his career very soon. He will break the news any time soon expected about his new band. News also has been in market claiming that he may speak about new band on Monday the April 30th, 2012. Tuck tried very best to keep this secret but unfortunately entertainment reporters have fetched the news and published it a week ago.

Whereas Tuck tackled the harsh questions of reporters saying that he will not leave his primary band at any cost but switching on temporary basis for couple of side projects. He said

“Stop freaking out everybody, no, I am not leaving Bullet, this is a side project I’ve put together, it rules too! Stay tuned. New Bullet record is coming along great, resume vocal session on the 7th, sounding really good. Busy times”.

“Just 2 more days till the official unveiling of my new band!! Can’t believe it’s been such a well-kept secret!! METAAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!!,” he added.