Vasakh Film Festival

Week-long expo at FC College University featuring different documentaries is now the center of discussion in town. It has been said that total of 42 documentaries were presented only on the second day of Vasakh Film Festival.

Various well-reputed education institutions across the country took part in the film festival. Acid victims were also presented through the documentary “punished but not defeated”. Whereas two documentaries and two short films were presented by the Punjab University namely “Beghairat”, “Kath-Putli”, “Puppetry- a fading tradition” and “Dhol”. Three of the documentaries were also presented by the Government College University e.g  “Tamana Meri”, “Voice of the neglected land” and “Hain talkh band-e-mazdoor kay auqat”

In recognition to the field of poetry, National College of Arts had presented a poetry-based documentary “life in a tansit”.  Other documentaries that were presented are as follows

“Faisla” by Lahore College for Women University,

“Dard Ka Daman” by Lahore College for Women University,

“Brutal reality” by Lahore College for Women University,

“Homeless Angel” and “Mera kia kasoor” by Fatima Jinnah College,

“Zindagi Shart hai” “Media role”, “Zaib-e-dast” and “Data Sahib” by Chunna Mandi,

“How to impress girls” by Formanites