THE Leader of shiv sina BAL Thackeray has lashed out at Pakistani actress veena malik that she should be send back to Pakistan She gets lost for many days also it seems to become a publicity stunt. Sometimes she does obscene functions in Bigg Boss and often she will get herself captured pictures of within the nude for magazines. Veena isn’t this type of large actress from Pakistan that people is going on adoring her. Younger crowd stated which I think she’s a brief visa and she or he is remaining here since several weeks. It appears she’s acquired Indian citizenship. This comes down to stabbing yourself within the back. In addition, to his editorial he writes that who is veena malik? And she is a blot on our country culture. Why are so many ruckuses being raised about her? She such is so much nonsense’s that she suddenly disappears for someday and returns back to media, just to get publicity. She did exceedingly obscene acting in big boss and nude pictures for the Indian magazine. According to the Thackeray Pakistani government never issue visas to our famous actors and singers. According to the famous actors dolly bander said that veena malik is ISI agent and the person who issued a visa to veena malik should be jail. We should clean our country and veena malik to hell. Let’s wait and watch what veena malik say about this news. Although her relationship with Ashmit has ended. How much its truth behind it, time will tell.