Veena restricted to shoot

Veena malik most probably the world’s greatest controversial actress has now been restricted to shoot for a movie. She is working on the project “Dirt Picture” which is the remake of original Tamil movie. The movie reflects the true colors of actress Silk’s life.

It is now being reported that Veena is not allowed to shoot in Bangalore as per the rules of Pakistani citizenship. The movie was scheduled to start shooting from March 17, 2012 but failed. Now the movie director and producer are thinking for a permitted area where the shooting can be managed. Possibly the crew will move towards Sri Lank as it would be ideal place both for shooting and touch of south Indian nativity.

The director said, “Initially, we had planned on a massive location hunt for the movie. Keeping this in mind, we are now planning to finish the talky portions here and we will have huge set up for the songs. Our next destination will be Sri Lanka, where there’ll be no restrictions on where we shoot. Moreover, it also connects our South Indian nativity.”

“We heard from her that whenever she lands in India, she has to first visit the CBI office and sit with them for about four hours. The actress might have to follow the same routine, when she’s in Bangalore too. In fact, she is ready to give us bulk dates, even ten days extra, if need be to complete the film at a stretch only because she doesn’t wish to face this problem. But we have different plans, which needs a lot of preparations and that prevents us from shooting the movie at one go,” Trishul added.