Veena with another controversy

Possibly the most controversial star of the world, Veena Malik has been charged with the risk of working with Pakistani Intelligence Services. She has been put under suspicion for spying in India during her stay for Pakistan.

Veena says, “This is total nonsense, what is this one day some accuse me of being aggressive, then one day I am accused of being a spy, I am an actress and don’t wish to be labelled like this. People should respect I am an open honest person just doing my work – this is once again upsetting for me and untrue accusations.”

Veena Malik is under series of allegations that has been pointed towards her in recent years especially during her stay in India. Neither Veena Malik nor her manager has responded to any allegation so far. Nisha Sahdev, Veena’s International Manager who is also the CEO of Sahdev Media told

“We see and hear stories in the press daily on Veena Malik, we choose to let them be but on this occasion we must clear that Veena has all proper paperwork to enter and exit countries she works in and holds all rightful documents for each project, these comments are unnecessary and baseless.”

Veena is still working in India with Bollywood film industry. She is currently been shooting three films at a time along with a reality show in which she had participated namely “BIGG BOSS” season 4 and also appeared on many other stages.