Whoopi Goldberg’s Married life was not successful

Whoopi Goldberg was born in New York; 1949.She was very intelligent student and made proud her parents Robert and Emma Johnson. At the age of eight years of age she appeared on stage as the member of a new York children’s theatre group that was her beginning and sooner he appeared in popular television series ‘The Spook Show’ and the Colour Purple as a established actress.

Talent and acting leads her to the ultimate success and she’s among few actresses who made you laugh by just raising her eye brows and gestures, crazy psychic in ghost and kooky computer operator jumping made everybody laugh. This was her Hollywood debuted which compelled her to win an Oscar Nomination .Clara’s Heart, The Deep End Of The Ocean, How Stella got her Groove Back  are the best movies in respect of her acting and career orientation.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Married life was not so much successful as she married many men .First marriage took place in 1974 the same year her daughter Alexandra was born, ended in divorce .1986 married to David Calessen, Timothy Delton and Ted Denson after him. Grammy Awards were also hosted by her and she served as mistress of ceremonies for former US President Clinton’s 50th birthday party and she hosted Clinton’s Inaugural gala and the Oscar Awards afterwards and did a tremendous job.

She is very generous and donates money to worthy causes, beside her fame and big name she actively participate in social activities.