World Dream Car Art Contest

 An interesting event has been organized within the premises of capital city of Pakistan. This is said to be the regional event for the sixth nationwide Toyota contest. The event has been named “Dream Car Art Contest”. The main theme for the contest is to provide opportunities to kid so that they can express their views to society. From the major cities of Pakistan that include Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad itself, total of 27 artworks have been selected out of 13,000 submitted entries. 9 from each city were chosen to be entertained further more. All the 13,000 artworks were submitted by the age groups of less than 10 years, 10-12 years, and 13-15 years.

It has been reported that approximately 290 schools across Pakistan took special interest and participated in the nationwide contest. Numerous special children schools were also enrolled so that they should not be neglected. The criteria for the contest have already been announced that is the best 15 artworks out of 27 will be shortlisted. Those artworks will be directed towards Japan-based Toyota Motor Corporation. In this way Pakistan will get included in the “World Dream Car Art Contest” by Toyota.