Zafri’s 36th Death Anniversary

World renowned and Pakistani comedian actor Munawar Zarif has again been called by the hearts of thousands of people across the world on 36th death anniversary. He is one of the versatile actors ever produced by Pakistan.

Zafri had ruled the film industry in the era of seventies. He was known as the king of comedy that time across the world. He had worked in more than 300 films. His best talent appeared that time when his out-of-script dialogue delivery came into the notice of movies’ bosses.

Zafri was born in the famous city of Punjab, Gujranwala on February 2nd, 1940. He was given the chance in lollywood in 1961 from which he started his career in a Punjabi film “Dandian”. He reached verge of fame by a major breakthrough film “Hath Jori” in 1964.

Unfortunately Zafri met his eternal fate dated April 19, 176 after a severe heart which he could not bear in Lahore.