Friendship bracelets are very much popular among the school and college girls and boys. They love to make the band with dizzying colors, widths, and patterns. It’s amazing thinking that a little girl can make such an artist things from the intricate accessories with ordinary threads, beads or other things. Making friendship bracelets is very easy and cheap. There are many shapes and patterns of bracelets.  Originally this type of colorful bracelets was created in central and south America. The famous patterns and deigns bracelets are

Handmade or embroidered bracelets. This is one of the most popular bracelets.

Metal bracelets: this also available in many designs. Some are design with cuffs and other has lock and the key with the cuff.

Charms bracelets: they are fashioned from gold metal, charms and beads are designed. The advantage of this bracelet is that both very expressing and showing commitment to each other and saying through this bracelet that we will stay with each other forever.

 Friendship day is celebrated in the month of august worldwide. To celebrate this day people make beautiful bracelets to their concern towards his friend. Making of your own bracelets gives it a personal touch which will be more appreciated by the person who will receive it. The color of friendship bracelets can be varied. Many of them made from hemp or with threads or ropes and addition was made in the by adding beads or pearls or letters. All these things show your personality. And it is appreciated by your best friend.

Most of the friendship is comprised of number of knots in the materials, once you have made one bracelets, it’s fairly simple and attractive. In making the simplest form of bracelets you have to put loops and coding through the series of beads and after completion of the band you tie the knot off the ends. Glue is often using as reinforcing during the making of the friendship bracelets. Trendy friendship is the best gift that you can present to your best friend. Hearts shape bracelets are also famous among young chaps specially who are in love with each other .Embroidary floss friendship bracelets are made by weaving floss strings in different colors and patterns. There are many bracelets with alphabets and these bracelets are made to show the personal touch with person who too like very much.