Colors that you should include in your winter wardrobe

So here is the season of coffee, nuts, blankets, sweater and warm clothes with cozy sun bath for the people of Pakistan. Winter bring with itself many blessings. The delight will be increased a hundred times if you choose to dress according to the season. Colors play a major role in maintaining a wardrobe and also bringing life to the days and long evenings of winter.


Black is evergreen mysterious color that tells so much and yet is hiding thousand stories. This winter of 2012, fill your wardrobe with a few decent black colored dresses. This color looks good on almost every skin tone.

Shiny colors:

Shiny colors like yellow, green and orange are although not in fashion, but you can try them once in a while to change the taste.


White is a sublime color. It is always in vogue so is the chance for you to look fashionable and sophisticated.