Colors-the base of fashion

When we talk about fashion color sequences are the first thing that hits our minds because colors changes from season to season. No color is bad at all, every color carries its own charm but the fact is what suits you the most among the rainbow of colors.  With the presence of countless colors for a particular season there are few colors which simply look awesome on you and that are what the best colors for your personality. It is nice to wear latest trend colors but always make sure that it goes well with your skin tone and is simply adding a wow factor to your personality.

Selection of best color largely depends on considering few factors such as natural hair color, skin tone and eye colors. These factors will help you in identifying your nature like you are a warm, cool or natural toned individual and helps in selecting the color for various occasions.

Warm toned: for warm toned people the best colors are yellow based shades and colors because it best compliments their apricot and golden undertone. You can also make use of orange, gold, red, camel, yellow and dark brown.

Cool toned: aqua shades and blue tone goes best with rosy skin and pink color and it best compliment their sparkling color. The other color palette for cooler skin tone is greens, pinks and purples; you can also make use of elegant amalgamation of various colors to look more attractive and stylish.

People with warm skin tone should avoid lighter colors like lavender, light pinks and whites. While cooler tone should avoid plum, yellow, olive and also avoid gold jewelry and have to prefer silver jewelry.