Cracked Heels Are A Common Foot Problem In Winters

In the world of Fashion, beautiful person have beautiful feet. Wearing  flip-flops  and walking bare foots may be one of your favorite things in summers but in winters Cracked heels are a common foot problem that is often referred to as heel fissures. Cracked heels are also known as heel fissures. Some people have naturally dry skin that makes the skin easy to crack. If the cracks are bad enough there will be pain on weight bearing that is not there when weight is of the heel, the cracks can split open and become deeper and may cause bleeding.

While women may ashamed during pedicure with heels but have to need treatments at home and as well go to beauty saloon a take pedicure or foot massage.

Medically treatments consist of tropical creams and moisturizing ointments they cover foot with socks or a kind of bandage. The cover holds moisture in it!

1. Avoid open heel sandals.

2. Callus builds up over time and they have a chance to crack open, should use pumice stone or pad-egg for this.

3. Wash your feet with Luke warm water before going to bed.

4. Do not try cutting calluses with scissors and cutters. It san make it worst!

5. Moisturizes your feet daily with a moisturizer and cream which have vitamin E. moisturize it a day after shower and before go to bed. It remains your feet soft and healthy.

6. Always wear socks if u has too much cracks and callus. And remain moisture on your heels.

7. Drink plenty of water will keep hydrated your skin.

8. Avoid hot showers.