Crackle effect nail color by color studio

A new Canadian company, color studio recently launched their beauty products and cosmetics in major cities of Pakistan. They promoted well at Karachi and Lahore’s biggest shopping malls. They introduced with many regular or different colors and shades in make up products like nail enamels, blushes and lipsticks with different and exciting names for each item and they are still keep on introducing more products.

One thing that I personally experienced and also liked too much is the crackle effect nail enamel. This is like a normal nail color that you apply on nails and with the drying in seconds you will see a dramatic effect on your nails like a mirror broken into many pieces or like wall paint. This product is available in two colors which are black and the white and they can be used on nails directly or you can give some base coat and color before applying that. Isn’t it interesting? I was myself truly amazed by seeing them on my nails and they looked extremely beautiful.

The price you can see is may be not very reasonable but affordable if you are a fan of nail art and prefer to try new things. They are offering some to get popularity and acceptance and it is also surprising and I want to share with you all that all my friends ad other people who saw the crackle effect nail color by color studio on my nails, appreciate them a lot and think about them as expensive manicure nail art.