Don’t use expired makeup

Cosmetic aren’t meant to last forever, but some products might seems like it because they are sold in giant packages. If you are buying keeping bulk, then your collection really stars to building and eventually your drawer is full of makeup items. If you like collection of make, then there is definitely time to throw it away and each piece has its expiring date. If you are holding your makeup more than 4 to 5 years then you should throw them out. There are some items which can stay and let see which one should go. Blush you can keep blush for 18 months and it will be safe until it doesn’t drying out. Then comes conceal or it is use by women to hide their Area of neck , chest or face which is got discolored due to some problems, conceal or can be use for more than 0ne year or 18 months and power is used as oil bay on the face. Powder can be use for two years. Powder is long lasting product for women. Gel and cream cleanser are meant for normal, oil or for combination skin types and you can use this product for 12 months. There are many products which can be use for maximum three years. Keep your make up in cool place and check the every other day, so you know that which make up is fresh and which one is out dated. Don’t use expire make up on your face because they can react on your face and you may got reaction. Be careful because your face is very much worth full.

it rcrease the risk of injuries and chances of infections. If you get a sore or blister from your shoes leave it intact. Wear a different pairs of shoes and apply bandage on your injuries. Use those shoes that protect your feet.

  • Always go for a diet and fresh food it will keep you healthy and young as well and also it effects on your skin positively.
  • You should always go for fresh juices as it provides skin with vitamins.
  • You should wash your face regularly.