Dos and don’ts for dark skin make-up


               Mostly people have the opinion that make up doesn’t suits on dark skin. Also people with dark complexion have this complex too. But it’s not like that makeup works equally on dark skin as it does on fair skin. Dark skin needs more attention and care then other tones. Wheatish is the most attractive tone in dark skin.

Well if you have dark complexion you need not to worry about that here are some tips for your dark skin that can help you:

  • Foundation:

                         The most basic start for a perfect make over is foundation. It is a most sensitive and important technique that gives base to your make up. For dark skin you should have a water-based foundation which is oil free creamy or powder based foundation will spoil your make-up. Make sure that your foundation should not be lighter then your skin tone. Then apply loose powder. Foundation make-up also includes concealer and powder. Avoid too much shine because that will ruin your make-up.

  • Eye make-up:

Eye make-up is very necessary for a perfect make-up. Apply black or chocolate colors for eyeliner. For eye color use bronze, black, copper and burgundy. Use shimmers at the end for finishing. Mascara will also make it complete.

  • Cheeks:

Cheeks can not be ignored for a complete make-up. For a dark skin use colors like dusty pink, orange, peach, skin brown, coral, rose, plum, bronze for your cheeks.

  • Nose:

To give your nose a complete shape or to make it narrow use dark brown color on the sides and light color on the top to shape your nose. Make sure that you don’t make the sides of the nose too much dark that it looks un natural.

  • Lipstick:

The final and most important step for your make-up is lipstick. One should be very careful for the lipstick color because if you are applying a little bit dark make-up then you should apply a light colored lipstick otherwise it will spoil your make-up. For a dark skin the appropriate colors are soft pink, dark berry, brown, chocolate, coffee.

Thats all for your perfect dark skin make-up. Be carefull about the colors you apply.