Enhance Your Beauty with Face Shimmers

Shimmers made an instant healthy glow to your skin enhance your beauty with face shimmers. If you want a flawless and radiant face apply your skin color shimmer. It’s the one of the essential cosmetic which can create your own make over and after that achieve professional results whenever you want then you will find complete make up!

It’s basically a highlighter packed with vitamin E to instantly brighten and soothen your skin with in no time or without gives greasy after-feel. Ideal for using on your cheeks, lips, eye lids and any where you would like a radiant pop of shimmering color.

The multi purpose powder instantly enhances the complexion with a fresh, radiant glow which is inspired by light. All kind of shimmers create luminous, youthfull glow. Also packed in a convenient compact, liquid, sprays and mousse. Hair shimmers adding colors and light to women’s life!

Shimmer is  also used as an eye shadow, cheeks highlighter, highlight your down bridge of your nose. Chin chest areas, neck and brow bone can also be highlighted from shimmer, magic powder comes in many shades and form. However you can still use powder shimmer if you have normal to dry skin especially if you use a make up base or primer, you can apply shimmer with your fingers or a brush.

High lighten the eye brow bone can gives an eye stunning look.

Make nose appear with the smaller brush a high light powder down the centre of your nose to appear more slender.

Apply on cheek bones to gives it a natural look and highlight cheeks to add glamour.

Add shimmer in your eye shadow to turn it into glittery look.

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  1. yes eye brow bone is one of the most important make up tipe without which i think the make up remains incomplete and it also increases your beauty

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