Enjoy baby skin

Skin is the most prominent and essential part of our body so, we need to take care of our skin and it also make us beautiful and charming. The skin cells are in the constant process of regeneration, there are some layers under our skin which provides elasticity, shine and support to our skin. There are four types of skin and all the skins have their own need and requirements. There is dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and the final one is normal skin which is the mixture of all skins.

Dry skin: dry skin hydrated very easily and it lacks some important oil which makes our skin smooth and soft. For dry skin it is important to apply some moisturizers immediately after taking bath, it is the good dry skin care tip to keep it moist, this problem increases in winter season so special attention is necessary in winter.

Oily skin: oily skin is more prominent to dust, black heads, pimple, white heads as compared to other skin so, oily skin require more care and attention. Oily skin needs to cleanse and wash as many times as possible in a day and do not use foaming cleanser and always wash your face with warm water.  To remove all the dust from the skin you can use hydrated and non alcoholic toner.

Normal skin: normal skin does not normally need more care and special treatments, people with normal skin are lucky one. You can use all types of products on your skin; you just have to cleanse your skin regularly with normal cleanser and use a good quality toner. That keep your skin shinny and beautiful.

Sensitive skin: if your skin is very reactive to all changes like changes in weather or use of different products affects your skin then you have a sensitive skin. The sensitivity of the skin shows in the form of redness, rashes and acne. For such skin that products which are hypoallergic and fragrance free, it will be good for your skin.

In every type of skin drinking lots of water is very important, it will make your skin beautiful and shinny.