Eye shadows give your eyes depth and dimensions

Eye shadows are applied on eyelids under the eye brow. It is commonly used to make wearer’s eyes the eye shadow and make up progressions have changed tremendously through the years just like clothing trends. Every year I found a new color is in except this the way in which application of eye shadows getting changed. Eye shadows give your eyes depth and dimensions. It is easily available in different colors textures. It’s available in powder, cake liquid, and pencil and in mousse form.

You can wear certain color of eye shadows which can make u pop. Put on your eye shadow close your eyes while standing in front of your mirror. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on your eye shadow collection, just choose the right colors which go with your complexion.

To minimize the mess of shadow application, use the firm small brush rather than a big fluffy brush. Moreover, stiffer brushes help to keen an eye shadow on its place. You must have to b aware about right and wrong way of application of eye shadow.

Eye shadow primer is a nude color creamy like base coat. It makes a shadow color more vibrant.

Creamy color eye shadows would be love to use because it will be disappear on your eye lid and gives a creamy look to eye.

Matte eye shadows are easily mixed with each other like you can mix white eye shadow to lighten the shade, and mix black eye shadow to darken the shade. Matte shadows are more likely to hold together.

The big difference in between the cream and matte shades is waxes ad oils in the base.

Many people use eye shadows to improve an eye look simply. The effect of eye shadows mostly brings out glamour and gain attention.