EYELINER is a use in cosmetic makeup to define the eyes. It applies on the eyes contours to create aesthetic illusion in variety. Same like other makeup ingredient eyeliner has an ancient history which comes from the roots of Egypt civilizations; they used to draw dark lines with black color to protect the eyes from the harsh rays of sun. In the 20th century a great changes has brought in the ladies makeup that change give women makeup liberally. There is much designer eyeliner in the market; purpose of liner is to make our eyes attractive, beautiful, and bigger.  There are varying degrees of eyeliner of thickness and which is usually used by men and that is known as guy liner. There is lots of eyeliner in the market, but there are best formula eyeliners which are good for eyes. They are as liquid eyeliner, wax-based liner, gel eyeliner, and kohl eyeliner.

The liquid eyeliner is in the form of opaque liquid in the tiny bottle, it can apply with the help of thin brush or applicator. Powder form eyeliner is in the shape of pencil or marker; it is generally in the dark matte structure shades. Wax based eyeliner is soft like pencil, it contain wax that easy to apply. Wax –based eyeliner is also available in compact or cone shape with brush applicator, gel liner is in the form of gel, it is very easy to apply on the eyes contours. Whenever you buy eyeliner you should keep in the mind that liner should match the color of your hair, if your hair is black than buy black liner, if your hair is brown than buy brown liner. Applying an eyeliner is bit difficult and especially on eye contours, for that you should learn the art of applying liner on the eyes, never apply eye liner on the eye lash lines it may hurt your eyes. To apply an eyeliner hold your eye lid up and then put the liner brush inward move your hand slowly but steadily outward. And apply the liner before the eye shades, and buy the matching mascara with the eyeliner it makes your eyes more attractive.