Fashion industry is flourishing

Lahore: the fashion industry is flourishing with the induction of young models and also a large number of different fashion shows.

An actor and model Ash Khan says that blend of modern and conventional fashion trends has increased the interest of the faddist from diverse cultures and it also invite and motivate the investor to invest on this industry of Pakistan. Pakistani designers are very famous internationally and they feel very proud and happy to invite them in the international shows. It not only improves the relationship but also make a good and soft image of our country.

So, young generation is taking interest and involving in the fashion industry which is very positive for the fashion industry now people are again move toward this industry and making investment which is very good for the fashion industry as well as for the country. People from the fashion and film industry want to promote entertainment and art in Pakistan.

Fashion industry is the best way to promote our culture in other countries and it also give the chance to people to relax and enjoy the fashion shows and also come to learn about the new trends, what in and what out in fashion industry.