Fashion Passion Fashion Flux…Designers, Dresses and more!

Fashion, style and trends can never part from an individual whether it’s the fair sex or a guy. The personal style statement is the very definition of fashion but the designers shape it into something more sophisticated and fabulous to represent their cultural perspective to the world. No matter what industry you are stepping into, be it fashion, designs or signature styles, you may as well just throw yourself right into the thick of it.

Pakistan is a country that is rich in culture and traditions and it is now headed to the highway of latest trends in every industry. With the increase in awareness, people are more and more caught in the fashion frenzy, hence making the industry explode with the most remarkable fashion designers who are busy putting up the show of fabulous dresses and garments for both men and women.

Sky is the limit that’s what they say and one cannot get any better manifestation of this quote until we see the fantastic work by our wunderkinds in the Pakistani fashion industry. Beyond doubt, all the designers are worthy of accolade when you see their barrier breaking creations and winning international recognition. With ultra flattering couture and bridal collections, that is sure to make every woman weak at knees, the country is indisputably establishing itself among the best of the world. Playing with colors is their distinctiveness, a beautiful thing that even puts the realms of fancy to shame and actually make their collections quite enjoyable. The Pakistan School of Fashion Design has given some of the best designers to the world. The collections range extensively from couture to the formal and bridal wear. With a wide range of intricate and fancy accessories and the use of gaudy and colorful conventional embellishments both in traditional and contemporary cuts diffusing into modern trends, the designers have outdone themselves. With the passage of time the industry is growing and there is no stopping to the uphill road to eminence for the young talent. All the collections highlight the Pakistani culture. Whether it is bridal or tribal, designers never fail to epitomize culture at its best and are known for being eccentric and energetic on the ramp as well as passionate about the work which depicts a lavishness of splendor, gives an adrenaline rush and at the same time an ecstasy and sense of elation, that might be short lived but takes you to another level of enrichment. The perfect embodiment of carousing and revelry are reflected in silk and chiffon, decorated and adorned in a chic mode. Dulhans with tikkas, represent the fascination of a woman clad and adorned in beautifully embellished and colorful robes. Some designers take inspiration from the tribal culture, like the kohli tribe in Sindh. Their flower colored heritage and vintage dullness of the gold embellishment is certainly a sight to see. The combination of conventional chogaas with fashionable high boots looks edgy and present a muse look, hence adding a very modern touch to fashion along with a sort of reminiscence. Fusing funky with tribal and all the same accentuating the beauty of outfits. The splendor of ramps, the sumptuous robes and the beauty of colors provide the best amalgamation of culture and modernity.

Despite all the circumstances the country faces today, it’s a huge accomplishment to have come this far!