Frill, Jamawar and Laces add up Value to Dress


Fashion is a wider term which cannot be explained in one sentence, it is related to state of mind and the acceptability of the latest trend. In Pakistan people have a blend of eastern and western fashion in their clothing. Culture put a tremendous impact in their day to day fashion.


We are rich in fashion in every way either traditional or modern. In winter, cloths could be designed while using different frills, jamawar and laces. We should be extremely careful while using all accessories because all of them are very expansive and cannot be use again and again after fixing it.


Following are the main tips to be considered before buying and applying frill, jamawar and laces.


Frills are available in different colours and kinds in the market and highly expansive so be careful while buying and make sure colours are compatible to the cloths .frill Should be soft and delicate and there should not be any cut or wear tear on it. Otherwise, just replace with another one.


Jamawar is the kind of peculiar cloth which is used to decorate the old or a new suite. It is usually shimmery in nature and less expansive as compared to frills. You can use it either way, upon the collar at Guerra or cufflinks.


Laces put awesome impact because in our country this trend has fastened since the last fifteen years so we have a vast variety of laces. So much so there is the variety which is being used in summer and winter specifically. Contrast and bright colours are recommended in laces because it gives fresh and lively look.


Blend of all these acc

essories put an awesome effect but one should know what to buy and where to use.Some above mentioned tips could provide you a guideline to buy soft and contrast or matching good colours.