Give yourself a smokey look this winter

With the arriving winters, everything in the wardrobe gets changed. From shoes to dresses, we get a whole new style and look when winters arrive at our door steps. The most fun thing about winter is the variety of stylish makeup you can apply without fear of a complete meltdown which we often experience in the hot scorching heat of summers.

Smokey eyes give the most hot and vivid look popular all over the world. This winter try out the sassy looks of smoked eyes perfect for a winter night out or a formal occasion. Just make sure you can carry the look well and your dress is not too toned down in front of your exciting eyes.

These are a few simple steps you can do to achieve a perfect smokey look;

  • The first step is to apply a concealer at the upper and lower eyes lids. You can do this with a foundation you use for your daily makeup. Give a smooth look to your eye and prepare them for eye shadow application.
  • Next up is the application of liner or eye pencil, which ever you are comfortable with. Apply the liner at both the upper and lower rims of eye. Add the line from one corner to the other. If you are using a liquid liner, make dots on lines and combine them to get a perfect straight shape.
  • Then comes the major part, the application of shadow. First use a shadow brush to soften the line of liner you just applied. Then take a dark shadow and apply it over the liner area. Now smudge it using your hands or sponge
  • Next, take a lighter shadow of a neutral tone and apply it with a larger brush encircling the whole eye smudging gradually outwards for a perfect blended look.
  • Add mascara on your eye lashes and pump up the volume as much as you like. You can also curl your lashes or add lashes for a more dramatic look.
  • Clean up the below eye area with a soft brush for dropped shadow smears.

Here you go. A perfect sassy look to blow away the minds.