Glass Bangles and Symbolism

Women of Pakistan love to wear bangles which are available in different kinds and shapes. It is not only popular in Pakistan but all over in subcontinent and Arab world. It is really a strange thing that is only ornament which having different story lines among different religion.


In Islam its secured act to wear bangles and related to success and charm. In Sikh religion the bride’s father gives a bangle to the groom as a symbol of possession and care. Glass bangles considered as symbol of love and affection.


In Pakistan glass bangles are very popular and people exchange gifts at Eid and occasions. Previously bangles were made in circular shape only but now a day’s glass bangles are available in many shapes such as oval and rectangular shapes.


Symbolism of Glass Bangles


Cultural and Traditional Value and interest can easily evaluate from the fact that colours of glass bangles narrated with different meanings; defined below:


Colours of Glass  Bangles Meanings  and Importance
White New Beginning
Black Strength and Power
Orange Success
Yellow Charm and life
Red Love
Blue Wisdom
Purple Freedom and independence
Gold Good luck and fortune
Silver Cool and serene
Green Married Soon




Glass bangles give you a tremendous and awesome feelings either to use daily or occasionally.