Golden tips for dressing

Dressing is the most important thing in enhancing your personality, so, while dressing everyone needs to be careful about the selection of the dress that perfectly match with your personality and your personality must groom with it, not gives you an ugly and rough look. While selecting a dress you need to keep some points in your mind to avoid of being underdressed, worse or being overdressed. So, before investing on your wardrobe first take some points into consideration.

Once a Greek philosopher said that “first know who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly”, so there are some rules that you have to know and must follow while dressing up.

First: first know what is your body structure what suits you and what does not suits you, don’t be like to follow every fashion and buy what the other people are wearing. Make your own style and select only those dresses that suit you.

Second: always select the outfit according to the occasion, it is very important to be in right time and at right place, always dress up according to the season and occasion.

Third: the other most important point is to select the right color according to your skin tone, as all colors are not for every skin tone. If you have fair skin tone then light and medium colors like blue, green and pink is good for you. If you have dark complexion then light yellow, pink and aqua colors are the best choice. Young girls should wear bright colors and little aged women should wear color according to their age but nice one is brown and gray, maroon.

Fourth: the dress that you have selected must be comfortable and you are easy to carry, rather than being irritated and feeling not easy, it will destroy your style. Always select the dress that is in trend and also is easy going for you.

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