Hair Accessories

Hair add-ons are available in different shapes and dimensions. Many are ideal for security your hair styles, some are a way of having your bangs off the face, yet others work equally well as hair accessories. Take a look at these hair add-ons guide lines and exercise which of them fit your look best. Like blueberry clips, hair stays, mind band or mind pieces

Jaw clips:

A jaw clip is virtually used instead of a hair tie to keep longer hair up and taken care of. It comes down various dimensions, colors, style and ranges. Small one known as “mini jaw clips”. From small clip good way of separating bits of hair and taking a more casual “beachy” look.

French hair combs/hair combs:

They are little plastic hair combs that you’re placing to your hair to lock it into position.

Jewelry and mind Wrap cloth:

Generally these add-ons include any type of material and fabric that’s wrapped or tied round the mind.


Hooks are thin metal, curved at one finish open in the other. These are ideal for acquiring buns and much more formal styles like chignons or a terrific way to create invisible holds.

Stretch combs:

Type of just like a mix between hair combs and hair bands. Quite simply they’re giant hair band comb that stretches around your mind and tie you fur. Hardly fashionable and attractive.


A barrette can be used for gathering, fastening or clipping your hair e.g. to keep the fur inside a half up style, a pony tail, in order to clip the bangs from the eyes.

Clip/snap clips:

metal clips which come in  a variety of colors, making a “snapping “sound once they close, they most worn by babies, however they might have more adult use too.


Fastest, least expensive and easiest method of getting your fur from your eyes.


A crown-like hair accessory that is available in a number of styles or could be in gold or silver.


Beside these we now have a lot of choices to make our fur beautiful.