Healthy feet

It has been estimated that over a lifetime that every person is walking 50-100 miles daily in his life averagely. Healthy feet allow us to sustain an active life. Feet those are healthy and pain free can contributed in good balance which may save us from major injuries. We should keep an eye on our feet by doing this we can get warning signals for other health concern like arthritis, poor circulation, and diabetes and nerve damages. There are many foot problems we save ourselves by using basic foot care tips. It is very important that we daily examine our feet. If you unable to seeing them you can use mirror to see them, check your feet for blister cuts, ulcers, cracked skin or dry skin or other sores. While touching any area check the redness or tenderness on your feet, also check your feet that there is no calluses corns or ingrown are growing between your toenails. Wash your nails feet with warm water not with hot water. Make sure that you dry well your toes from between and pat feet dry. To keep your foot smooth and soft uses unscented lotion. This will prevent you forms cracks, which leads to major infection. Cut your nails after taking bath, because they are soft. You need a foot care nurse to cut your toenails and this precaution reduces the chances of calluses, corns especially if you’re suffering from diabetes. You can protect you’re your foot by wearing shoes and shoes should be with hard soled, don’t walk barefoot even indoor. Avoid shoes that expose your heels and toes. These types of shoes increase the risk of injuries and chances of infections. If you get a sore or blister from your shoes leave it intact. Wear a different pairs of shoes and apply bandage on your injuries. Use those shoes that protect your feet.

  • Always go for a diet and fresh food it will keep you healthy and young as well and also it effects on your skin positively.
  • You should always go for fresh juices as it provides skin with vitamins.
  • You should wash your face regularly.