Herbal Remedies against Hair Fall

Another bunch of hair on the brush? It simply doesn’t seem to disappear. When it comes to taking care of your hair, one of the greatest challenges faced by both men and women is to deal with hair fall. Over the years, poor diet and increasingly stressful life have made this problem even worse with every passing day. Whether the problem is inherited or whether it is due to the external factors like improper sleep, poor diet, improper hygiene or increased stress, once started, the problem once started, doesn’t seem to stop anywhere. However, there are a few herbes which are being used since ages to minimize hair fall by giving strength at roots. They are found to be effective in minimizing the hair fall gradually if used regularly.

  1. Used a boiled and preserved mixture of 60 grams henna leaves and 250 grams mustard oil to gently massage your hair for stronger hair.
  2. An effective ancient remedy which keeps baldness at a bay is to use a mixture of honey and onion juice. Not only does it prevent hair fall but is also a perfect moisturizer to help fight dryness. Most importantly, vitamin B6 in onion is beneficial for the growth of new hair.
  3. Apply a heated mixture of coconut oil and coconut milk on your scalp for fighting hair fall.
  4. Another tried and tested natural remedy against hair fall is the use of lemon juice on hair scalp. It helps fight hair fall by fighting dryness and itching.

In order to get the maximum out of any of these hair fall remedies, it is essential to first mend your diet and include all essential nutrients in your daily diet for healthier hair groth.